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Software Tool

Software Tool

Author: April Jackson

To share the benefits of using Audacity which is a free audio software tool.

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Example MP3 file using Audacity

This is an Mp3 file that I created using Audacity. It was very simple to use.

Introduction To Audacity

Audacity is a free  audio recorder software tool. It allows users to record mix and create podcast free. Audacity is easy to use and once again it is FREE.

Recommended Software Questions

Recommended Software Tool

What is the recommended software tool you selected?

The recommended software tool I chose was Audacity.

Why would someone be interested in this particular tool?

Someone would be interested in this software tool because Audacity because this tool gives using some many options with audio. Audacity allows users to record, mix, and separate audio. It also allows users to use audio with visual images.

Is this a fad or does this tool represent the evolution of learning or training? Why?

I do not believe that using Audacity is a fad. Although, audacity has becoming increasingly popular within the last few years; I think it has a place in learning as well as training. Audacity allows users to do different things with audio.

What are some advantages for someone using this tool?

Advantages for someone using this tool are endless. Audacity is an open source so it is free for users. It is an easy recorder for users. You could create any time of audio at any time such as podcast.  Audacity is also compatible with most windows software. It allows to record dialog as well as the control of volume.

Why should busy teachers or e-learning professionals care?

Teachers and e-learning professionals should care about audacity because it provides endless assistance with teaching different types of lessons. Audacity can make training courses a bit easier by recording dialog for training courses.

Describe one example of your choice of why or how this software tool can be applied?

One example of how this software can be applied is it audacity can be used in a class project. Audacity allows audio to be used in a power point.

Provide a summary

Audacity is a wonderful tool to use in the classroom as well as training courses. It allows audio to be placed over visuals. Teachers, e professionals, and students can benefit from this software. Audacity is easy to use. It is an open source as well as free.  Audacity exposes students to different things they can do with audio and the idea of recording.