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soh - cah - toa TOO!!

soh - cah - toa TOO!!

Author: Dan Bowler

- to present examples and practice problems involving right triangle trigonometry

The lesson consists of two slide shows. The first shows some examples where real life triangles are solved in Minneapolis. The second slide show presents some practice solving right triangles, with step by step solutions.

All photos in this packet courtesy of Kelsey Hennen.

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This lesson provides additional examples and practice problems related to right triangle trigonometry.

For an introduction to this topic see the learning

packet "soh - cah - toa!" (# 741)

Triangle Busters!

Follow our intrepid heroes Seth, Rachel and Nate as they solve real world right triangles in downtown Minneapolis.

Trig practice

This slide show presents an opportunity for you to try solving some right triangles using trig. Solutions are included.