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Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers

Author: Beth Barsness
  1. Students will be able to name the most common fuel source worldwide.
  2. Students will be able to explain why fuel wood is so important in the developing world, as well as why is has become dangerous for women to collect the wood.
  3. Students will design and test their own solar cookers.

The goal of this lesson is to inform students about solar cookers as an alternative energy source for developing countries.  Students will learn that the most common fuel source used world-wide is wood.  They will then learn about the drawbacks of using wood as a fuel source, and how solar cookers are used in Africa to help women cook their food safely.  Lastly, students will design, build, and test their own solar cookers.  

Length of time needed:  2-3 class periods

This lesson was written by Susie Newman.

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Lesson Plan

This lesson plan can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF document. If you would like to edit this document for your classroom needs, go to the "Handouts and Materials" section and click on the corresponding link.


Source: Susie Newman

Solar Cooking in Africa

This video shows the remarkable technology transfer that is taking place in Africa as thousands of people are introduced to solar cooking technology, which allows them to cook food and boil water using Africa's most abundant and free source of energy--the sun. (10 minutes)

Source: solarwindmama

Handouts and Materials

The following files can be downloaded to your computer:

Lesson Plan (Word document)

Solar Cooker Activity (Word document)


Solar Lifeline Saves Darfur Women

Source: Susie Newman