Solar System

Solar System

Author: Rebecca Margon
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Welcome to the Solar System

Hey guys, today you will be learning about the solar system. This tutorial will focus on the different planets, the sun, the moon, and stars.  The goal of this is to give you all a basic understanding of the solar system.  You will be asked to write down two questions to bring into class and we will discuss them tomorrow and also learn more information about the solar system


A little video to introduce you to the Solar System!

Power Point on Vocabulary

Here are a few terms you should become familiar with to better understand the Solar System!


What is a mnemonic device? 

       - This can be used as a memory tool for you guys to remember the order of the planets. 

          Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. 

An example of mnemonic device would be:

       My - very - easy - method - just - seems - unbelievably - nice.