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Solid Figures

Solid Figures

Author: Julie Chapman

By the end of the lesson, Kindergarten students will identify cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres and relate them to real-life objects by correctly sorting/placing real-life objects onto a solid figures sorting mat.

After watching a video which illustrates solid figures, students will complete an in-class activity where they will work with a partner to find and sort real-life solid figures.

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1.  Watch the following movie on

Login: ****

Password:  *****

2.  Complete the  "Shape Hunt" at home and bring to class tomorrow! 

3.  Watch the "Shape Song" youtube video.  We will practice this song in class.  :)



Go on a "shape hunt" at your home. Draw a picture of the solid figures you find and have your parents help you write the names on your paper.


Source: Audrey Mood

3 D Shapes

Song describing solid figures and corresponding real-life objects.