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Solve Rational Equations

Solve Rational Equations

Author: Kendra Wheeler

How to solve rational equations

A review on how to solve equations using cross product property. A video with examples on how to solve rational equations. When solving for rational equations you are going to use many math skills you already know like cross product property. To solve these equations you use cross product proporty, standard form and factor.

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Terms and Concepts used During this Learning Packet

Rational Equation: is an equation that contains one or more rational expressions.  One method for solving a rational equation is to use the cross products property.

Cross Product: Is the product of the numerator of one ratio and the denominator of the other ratio.

Extraneous Solution: A solution of an equation that does not satisfy the original equation.

Least Common Denominator: The smallest whole number that can be used as a denominator for two or more fractions. The least common denominator is the least common multiple of the original denominators.

Review of Cross Product Property

Examples of Solving Rational Equations

This video will walk you through 3 examples of how to solve rational equations.