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Solving Equations Graphically

Solving Equations Graphically

Author: mary daunis
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Solving Linear Equations Graphically

To appreciate the process of solving equations graphically, we now solve the equation
x − 4 = 5x +12 graphically. This is easy enough to solve algebraically, but for purposes of
illustration, we will use the graphical solution process. Think of the LHS as one graph and the RHS as a second graph. The two graphs are lines. The solution will be the x-coordinate of the intersection point of the two lines. Using the TI, enter the equations y1 = x − 4 and y2 = 5x +12 into the editor. Then, graph. You may need to resize your window. Once you have the solution, verify it by substituting into the original equation x − 4 = 5x +12 .

Graphical Solution to an Equation

When entering functions into the TI equation editor as Y= be very careful about using grouping symbols properly - remember, the calculator follows the algebraic rules for order of operations -

Two Intersecting Lines

Solve graphically:

x -5 = 5x + 3