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Solving For Quadratic Equations

Solving For Quadratic Equations

Author: Kendra Wheeler

To help explain how to solve for x using the quadratic formula.

Videos and images that help explain quadratic equations and the quadratic formula. Explaining what the quadratic formula solves for. Explaining what a vertex is and how to solve for a vertex given your points.

This learning packet was co-produced with Craig Nelson

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Terms To Know

• Polynomial –  A polynomial is an expression that is constructed from variables and constants, and also includes coefficients and exponents.

• Coefficient – A coefficient is attached to a variable and is to be multiplied by the variable. 

• Vertex - Highest or lowest point on a parabola.

• Quadratic Equation - A second degree polynomial.

• Quadratic Formula - Used to solve a quadratic equation for x in place of factoring or graphing.

• Denominator - The bottom term of a fraction.

Quadratic Equation

What does the quadratic formula solve for?

Steps to Quadratic Formula

Quadratic Example Problems

Kendra going through two quadratic formula problems.

Graphing a quadratic equation

Practice Problem 2

Step-by-step guide to solving for x in a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula.

Practice Problem 1

Step-by-step guide to solving for x in a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula.

Website reference

Here is a great website to go to and check our answers. Use this website as a reference to solving the problems.