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Solving Linear System by Graphing

Solving Linear System by Graphing

Author: Kendra Wheeler

What is a linear ststem
How to graph a linear system
Identifying a solution to a linear system ( how to determine where two lines cross )
The three different outcomes of a linear system.

This project was a group effort. Video by Andrew, students Sam, Mike, Sarah, Craig and Laura and teacher Kendra. We all worked together to make this a crative packet.

This packet contains a terms and definition, the three possible outcomes and a video. In the video, a lesson is taught with examples on how to solve linear systems by graphing.

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Terms and definitions used throughout this packet:

Linear Systems: is also known as system of linear equations. Two or more linear equations that have the same variables.

Solution of a system of linear equations: A ordered pair that satisfies each equation in the system.

System of linear equations: is a collection of linear equations involving the same set of variables.

Three Solutions to Linear Systems

Solving Linear Systems by Graphing

An example of how to solve for linear systems by graphing. A class room example of the teacher working out a problem on the white board with interaction from the students.