Solving Quadratics with Complex Solutions

Solving Quadratics with Complex Solutions

Author: Danny Whittaker
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Other Tutorials

I've included three different options for viewing this topic.  Check them out until you understand.  I recommend the first two, but the third one might be helpful as well.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHaDTC2s7c8&feature=player_embedded

2. http://www.virtualnerd.com/algebra-2/quadratics/formula-discriminant/quadratic-formula/complex-solutions-quadratic-formula-example


3. Check out this tutorial, the final video in the tutorial has one example of solving with complex solutions. 


Quick Quiz

For the quiz please use the title: Quadratics with Complex Solutions

Quadratics with Complex Solutions

Exploring Complex Solutions Graphically

We will be working with this in class, I'm uploading it simply for those who are not in class Thursday and Friday. If you will be in school you do NOT need to print or do anything with this.

To clarify the back page:
1. Create a quadratic
2. Graph it to make sure it has a complex solution (doesn't hit the x-axis)
a. If it hits x-axis, pick a different quadratic that doesn't hit the x-axis
3. Solve using the quadratic formula to get the complex solution
4. Record the graph and the solution on your paper
5. Try to find a connection between the solution and the graph
a. Hint: what is the most important point of the graph?
6. Repeat this process until you can come up with a good rule to get the solution
7. Make sure your rule works with any quadratic with complex solution
8. Bonus: Justify that your rule is accurate.

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