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Solving Single Variable Word Problems

Solving Single Variable Word Problems

Author: Trevor Tinker

Students will be able to solve single variable word problems.

Students will be able to work collaboratively to dissect and determine key information in word problems.

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Word Problems = World Problems

Word problems, as goofy, annoying, and hard as they seem, are extremely applicable. They take the math that we learn and use it for things that are real. Now, some of the problems you will do may not always apply to your life specifically. You may not drive yet, you may not snowboard, and you may not have money to go to the movies or amusement parks, but you can take your brain and your math skills and use them to figure out answers to these random questions. Eventually, you'll be able to take challenging problems in your life and solve them out for the best mathematical answers you can! But first things first; let's learn how to work with this stuff.

Working with Word Problems

This slide show let's you know important word clues when you work with word problems. If the word problems toward the end are too difficult, refer to some of the tutorials videos below and then try them!

Using BUCK

This is a useful acronym to help you go through a word problem and determine what is important. This shows how to use it on a basic word problem.

Source: EDpuzzle

Optional Video on Solving Word Problems

Provides 3 good examples on solving word problems. You SHOULD check this out if you are having difficulty!

Source: EDpuzzle

Can You Solve These?

This video has little questions for you to answer during the video. If you can get these, you will be well on your way toward solving any word problem.

Source: EDpuzzle

Word Problem Submission

Now it's time to be creative! Make a word problem and submit it!

Collaborate and Critique!

With a partner, use the following link to help make a Google Presentation of word problems. Post either your word problem or your partner's word problem into the presentation. Then work out the solution on the second slide.

Once you have done that, you and your partner need to work on a sheet of paper (group page) how you would solve the two word problems. Then you can compare answers to the solution the creator of the problem got. These paper will be submitted at the end of class.

Google Presentation link:

Quiz Time!

Up near the top of the page, there is a 4 question quiz. Each question is a multiple-choice question. It is MANDATORY that you take this quiz before class tomorrow! So if you need to practice or rewatch videos before responding, make sure you do!