Solving Square Root Equations

Solving Square Root Equations

Author: Ashley Morgan

1. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to solve square root equations algebraically.

2. Students will be able to determine if their solution is reasonable by checking algebraically and graphically


2A.9C (Supporting) determine the reasonable domain and range value of square root functions, as well as interpret and determine the reasonableness of solutions to square root equations (and inequalities)

2A.9D determine solutions of square root equations using graphs, (tables), and algebraic methods

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Solving Square Root Equations Flipped Notes

Use www.phschool.com and web code age-0705 to access the videos used for these notes.

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Technology Activity- Extraneous Solutions

You can use the graphs of square root equations to check if apparent answers are extraneous.

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Source: Prentice Hall Texas Algebra 2

Contextual Solutions to Square Root Equations

Use this video and the handout below to elaborate upon your understanding of solving square root equations. Once you have worked through examples 1-4, use the Geogebra link below to learn how to find domain and range values from square root graphs.

Source: OnTrack Algebra II Kid2Kid Videos

Contextual Solutions to Square Root Equations Handout

Use this handout to follow along with the video above. The last page works along side with the Geogebra website below.

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Domain and Range of Square Root Functions

Use the link below to explore the domain and range of square root functions.


Solving Square Root Equations Check-Up

For this check-up, you can choose the grade you would like to earn.
For a C (70-79) -> You must complete questions 1-6.
For a B (80-89) -> You must complete questions 1-9.
For an A (90-100) -> You must complete the entire checkup.
To earn the grade at each level, you must do quality work. Quality work shows a strong understanding of the math, uses accurate mathematical strategies, and provides clear explanations.
It is important to understand that you are not guaranteed the grade you are attempting to earn. Choosing your task is just your starting point.

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Source: Prentice Hall Algebra 2 and Algebra II Assessments (Charles A. Dana Center)