Solving the Colliding Trains Problem

Solving the Colliding Trains Problem

Author: Steve Anastasi

Reviews two ways to approach solving the classic Colliding Trains Problem.

Demonstrates how to use algebra and graphing to solve the same problem.

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More Than One Way to Solve the Problem

Math books often teach just one way to solve a problem.  I like to find multiple ways to solve the same problem because it makes you think about the same thing from different perspectives which can often lead to learning something new.

In the video below, I present two ways to think about solving the colliding trains problem.

If you can think about other ways to solve this problem, create a learning packet and let me know about it.  I will include a link to it at the end. 

Colliding Trains Problems

Demonstrates how to solve the Colliding Trains Problem using an equation and using a graph.

NOTE: I made a mistake at 8:10 in the video. Train B will be 120 miles away from the start of train A, not 110 as I stated in the video.

Other Techniques for Solving the Colliding Trains Problem

Send me your learning packet links and I will paste them here