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Some People Believe That We Must Have A Truly Global Capital

Some People Believe That We Must Have A Truly Global Capital

Author: Robert Montan

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Some people believe that we must have a truly global capital or financial market in order to maximize business ventures and profit. What factors do you think are holding back the creation of a truly global capital market?

How might a truly global capital market function differently from the current international business market? (Consider interest rates, currencies, regulations and financial crises experienced in some countries.)

Having to use different currencies in international business prevents maximum growth and activity. What are the pros and cons (for both businesses and governments) or replacing national currencies with a regional or even a global currency?

If we do go to a global or international monetary system, would such an international system use a floating or fixed exchange rate? Explain your answer. Would it be possible to base an international currency on gold? Why or why not?

Is there a need for regulation among international financial centers to control money laundering and other illegal activities?

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