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Sophia and Blended/Flipped Professional Learning

Sophia and Blended/Flipped Professional Learning

Author: Jessica Jackson

Learn how to use to deliver blended or flipped Professional Learning to your staff.

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Video Tutorial on Creating a Groups and Tutorials in Sophia

Creating Screen Recordings to Upload to Sophia

There are many different screencasting tools that can be uploaded into Sophia. Below are several tutorials on screencasting tools. Pick one that meets your needs and let's try a screen recording. If you create your screen recording on an iPad or device, you will need to save to your camera roll and upload to Google Drive, DropBox, Office365, etc.

Screen Recording of iPad

Note: This screen recording was created using AirServer and Screencast-O-Matic.


Note: You may need to have your STS to install the application on your school laptop.


To access/download Screencast-O-Matic:

Additional Tutorials:

Office 365 - Mix

Mix is a free PowerPoint Add-In!  FCS has provided employees and students with Office 365 accounts and this PowerPoint add-on is fabulous!

Download Office Mix

Note: You may need your STS to assist you in downloading this PowerPoint Add-In.

Office 365 - Mix Tutorial