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Sophia2 -- Software Tool

Sophia2 -- Software Tool

Author: Robyn Smith
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  • Prezi is the free software tool I selected for this assignment.
  • An educator can use this software to make any topic visually interesting
  • Prezi represents an evolution in learning and training because it uses zoomable user interface that allows educators to zoom in on a particular topic to specifically discuss it in the course of a presentation about a broader topic
  • An advantage of using Prezi is that it makes a typical slideshow much more interesting. By flowing seamlessly from one topic to another and zooming in on something in particular, student interest and attention will remain throughout the presentation. Another advantage to Prezi is that it is cloud-based so it can be easily accessed from any computer and location.
  • Teachers and eLearning professionals need to pay attention to this software because students have gotten bored with traditional presentation software and are no longer interested in what it offers. With Prezi, a whole new world of presentation software is available.
  • Prezi can be used for any grade level and subject. The possibilities are truly endless.

Prezi can be accessed at It was launched in 2009 by co-founders Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy, and Peter Arvai who were seeking to create some type of presentation software that would zoom in on specific things. It is cloud-based software which is growing in popularity -- increasing in users at a rate of one million per month.



Prezi Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use Prezi to create incredible presentations.