Author: George Barrera

At the end of this lesson the viewer will be able to :

  1. Understand sound is acoustic energy that continues moving by motion of molecules
  2. Understand the meaning of hertz (Hz) and how it relates to ultrasound waves
  3. Differentiate between audible and inaudible sound waves to the human ear and the relation number of oscillations per second in relation to infrasound, audible sound, and ultrasound
  4. Name the the four acoustic variables as well as the units used to measure each
  5. Name the seven sound wave parameters and what each represents
  6. Describe the two different of sound waves and what human tissues produce each during an ultrasound scan

This video lesson describes the basic properties of sound including:

  • how sound travels
  • what makes sound audible
  • variables and parameters of sound
  • different types of sound waves
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This video describes the basic principles of sound