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Sources of Inspiration

Sources of Inspiration

Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson, you will learn about sources of inspiration for visual designers.

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Notes on "Sources of Inspiration"


Image of Color Chart, Public Domain

Image of person taking pictures of flowers, Public Domain

Image of Typography Book, Public Domain

Image of Building, Creative Commons

Image of people in nature, Fair Use

Image of tree bark, Creative Commons

Image of tree trunk under microscope, Creative Commons

Image of Bramble Leaf, Creative Commons

Image of Jackson Pollack Number 5, Fair Use

Image of Loops, Creative Commons

Image of Mona Lisa, Public Domain

Image of Dot Mona Lisa, Fair Use

Image of Andy Warhol's Multi Colored Panel, Fair Use

Image of Andy Warhol Inspiration, Public Domain

Image of Before and After Canvas Public Domain

Terms to Know
Chance Operation

Chance operation is a system by which one adheres to set conditions allowing chance to factor his decisions.


Homage is a piece of work made to pay tribute to the style of another artist or designer.

Nature Exploration

Nature exploration is a technique for observing patterns in systemic and formal design.


Remix is taking a finished work and adding to or subtracting from it. The motivation is to create something new and unrecognizable from the original work.