Southern colonies

Southern colonies

Author: Dory Mayer
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The Southern colonies - Jamestown

Why was the colony of Jamestown founded? (two reason)

Why were only some of the colonists expected to work?

What problems did Jamestown face?

What changes did John Smith make to make Jamestown successful?

How were men chosen for the House of Burgesses and what was the purpose of this assembly>

Why is 1619 significant? (two reasons)

Source: United Streaming

Slaves and Indentured servants

How long did a person sign away their freedom for exchange for passage to the New World?

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Rice plantations and African slaves

What did the practice of slavery establish in the Southern colonies?

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What was the political reason for the establishment of Georgia?

What was the social reason for the establishment of Georgia?

Why was slavery initially outlawed in Georgia?

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