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Spain and its Culture

Spain and its Culture

Author: Roselin Prado

This tutorial will help familiarize you with Spain and it's culture.

This tutorial is a crash course on Spain's culture and includes basic concepts and ideals of the country.

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La Sagrada Familia

The picture above is of the famous basilica found in Barcelona, Spain. It's called "La Sagrada Familia", which translated to English means "The Sacred Family". The importance of religion, especially Catholicism, can be seen through this one monument that stands tall and proud above the rest of Barcelona's skyline. The name itself of "Sacred Family" is a symbol of the importance this basilica has on the city and its citizens. La Sagrada Familia is still in the process of being built and has been for 100 years. It's completion will be a historical moment for Barcelona and Spain alike.

Underwater Findings in Spain

Spain has a rich culture on land, but also has much to teach us in its waters. In the pdf provided you can find out some of the interesting history Spain has to offer.



The best way to get to know a culture is through its food. Here is a simple and quick recipe on how to make churros: a delicious cinnamon and sugar covered donut-like desert.