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Spanish-American War

Spanish-American War

Author: William Gomez


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Standards 11.4 Students trace the rise of the United States to its role as a world power in the twentieth century. 11.4.2 Describe the Spanish-American War and U.S. expansion in the South Pacific.

Content Objective: Students will be able to explain the Spanish American War events through yellow journalism and propaganda

Language Objective: Students will be able to evaluate primary source images through focus questions.

History information read about it for 10 mins.

Spanish American War Video Watch and answer questions below.

Write down 5 facts.
Write down what you found interesting.
Do you believe the United States went to war for an economic benifit?

Big Idea

Connecting resource question. Do you believe the United States went to war with Spain for economic benifits, or to help out Cuba?

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