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Spanish Consonants

Spanish Consonants

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Identify the proper pronunciation of consonants in Spanish.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will take a closer look at the consonants in the Spanish alphabet, and how they are pronounced in different Spanish words. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Las Consonantes (Consonants)

1. Las Consonantes (Consonants)

The following tables show the pronunciation of the consonants in the Spanish alphabet. Consonants with an asterisk have the same sound as in English.

Letter Sound Word To Try
b* as in English banana (banana)
c* s (soft) before an "e" or "it"
k (hard) before any other vowel
"cc" is pronounced "ks"
ciudad (city)
comer (to eat)
accento (accent)
ch ch chico (boy)
d softer than in English in the middle or at the end (in some dialects like "th" at middle or end) dedo (finger)
f* as in English farmacia (pharmacy)
g h (soft) before an "e" or "i"
g (hard) before other vowels
gente (people)
domingo (Saturday)
h always silent hola (hello)
j h José (Joseph)
k* as in English kilogramo (kilogram)
l* as in English luego (later)
ll y Me llamo (I call myself)
m* as in English mi (my)

Letter Sound Word To Try
n* as in English no (no)
ñ ny español (Spanish)
p* as in English papel (paper)
q k (never kw) ¿Qué? (What?)
r like "dd" in "ladder"
trilled /repeated at the beginning of a word
hablar (to speak)
para (for), rico (rich)
rr trilled/repeated carro (car)

Letter Sound Word To Try
s* as in English sí (yes)
t softer than in English in the middle or at the end tío (uncle), gato (cat)
v like a "b" viejo (old)
w* as in English web (internet)
x ks before vowels
s before consonants
examen (exam)
extra (extra)
y* as in English yo (I)
z s empezar (to begin), zapatos (shoes)

In this lesson, you learned about the consonants you will need to know in order to form words using the Spanish alphabet. While some of the consonants have the same pronunciation as they do in English, others have different or multiple pronunciations that it will be important for you to remember when speaking.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.