Spanish: Determinative Adjectives (Adjetivos Determinativos)

Spanish: Determinative Adjectives (Adjetivos Determinativos)

Author: Maria J. Gomez

This tutorial is to help you learn a little bit of adjectives in spanish. In this specific tutorial we will be seeing the determinative adjectives (adjetivos determinativos) that will help you enrich your language vocabulary. Good luck!!! (Buena Suerte!!)


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Disclaimer: None of the information on this tutorial is mine, unless I specifically say so.

Determinative Adjetives

Los adjetivos son palabras que acompañan a los sustantivos y siempre concuerdan en género y número con ellos.
 Describen características de los mismos y de acuerdo a ella los podemos clasificar en:
Adjectives are words that go along with the substantives and always agree in gender and number with them.
  They describe their characteristics and according to it can be classified into:

         DEMOSTRATIVOS Esta casa
   DETERMINATIVOS                                  POSESIVOS Mi casa (my House)
   Preceden al nombre,     
   lo concretan y lo presentan:                      NUMERALES Tres casas (three houses)
                                                                 INDEFINIDOS Muchas casas (many houses)
  Precede the name,                                    EXCLAMATIVOS ¡Qué casa!  (what house!)
     define it and introduce it.    
                                                                  INTERROGATIVOS ¿Qué casa? (what house?)


This is an introduction to determinative adjectives in spanish. if you want to learn more about types of adjectives go to this web page: http://spanishpath.net/texto/Adjectives/adjectives1.html

Los Adjetivos Determinativos

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