Spanish Induction

Spanish Induction

Author: Nicola Pearson

To recognise and understand parts of speech in Spanish and English; to be able to manipulate verbs; to recognise when an infinitive is needed, and when it should be conjugated

2 videos and googleforms to complete before our first lesson on 29th August.

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Spanish Induction 1

Source: Created by N. Knott 2014 using Camtasia

Spanish Induction 1

Here is the first Summer Preparation Task!

Source: Created by Nicola Knott 2014

Spanish Induction 2

Source: Created by Jammin0. Reproduced with thanks and under the Creative Commons License. Original can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC_ZxtNcr3U

Infinitives and conjugated verbs form

Here is the activity for the Infinitives video

Source: Created by N. Knott