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Spartan Life

Spartan Life

Author: Katie Supina

Learn how people in ancient Sparta lived.

Life in Greece varied quite a bit from city-state to city-state.  The people of Sparta lived a life based on one basic concept: The city's needs must be put above your own.  Adults and children of Sparta lived a life filled with war, but interestingly enough ended up giving more rights to the women than any other city-state in ancient Greece.

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-Sparta was a powerful war machine

-City's needs above personal needs

-Helots (slaves) outnumbered the Spartans. Because of this, Spartans turned their city into an armed camp to discourage revolt.

-Boys left home for combat training at age 7.

-Boys encouraged to steal and not get caught so that they could learn to live off the land in battle.

-Girls and women trained athletically too so that they would someday bear strong children.

-Limited interest in the arts and wealth.

-Defeated mighty Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

Source: History of Our World, Prentice Hall (2005).

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