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SPCC Sample Tutorials

SPCC Sample Tutorials

Author: Anthony Varela
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On-Camera delivery creates a strong connection between the teacher and the learner.  Seeing the instructor takes advantage of non-verbal cues to spark interest.  Gestures and facial expressions guide the attention of the learner, and provide instant focal points. On-Camera presentation is the best fit for the charismatic instructor, who loves to connect and engage with their audience, move around the classroom, and gesture broadly when teaching.  

Some challenges that come with on-camera instruction are images and large amounts of text.  Images and diagrams typically need to be added through editing to get the best clarity.  If you require large amounts of text, it may be challenging to write the text large enough and with good enough handwriting to make it visible and clear.



Doc-Cam instruction produces a 1-on-1 tutor-like feeling.  The instructor takes the learner with them as they teach, and directs attention with their hands.  This type of presentation is ideal for showing processes.  You can write as you go, point to details on charts and diagrams, and make use of physical objects.  Using the Doc-Cam is great for the personal tutor who likes to focus in on key points of instruction, and taking the learner on a journey as you teach. 

Some challenges that come with Doc-Cam filming are images and a connection with the learner.  If images require crisp focus and detailed color, they typically need to be added during editing.  Because the only parts of your body we see on Doc-Cam are your arms and hands, more direct attention should be spent creating a connection with the learner.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording provides visual clarity with images and legibility of text.  Screen recording instructors rely on their engaging animation of image and text, as well as their strong verbal communication skills to keep the learner engaged.  This modality of instruction is a great fit for the technology whiz who is comfortable with a variety of presentation software, and for those who can communicate effectively through verbal intonation and visual emphasis. 

Some challenges that come with screen recording are a personal connection to the learner and emphasis & activity.  Without a visual reference of who you are, your voice must compensate to spark the interest of the learner.  Since you cannot physically point or move your body to emphasize points of instruction, it must come from an engaging tone of voice and a visual stimulating presentation.