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Special Angles on the Unit Circle

Special Angles on the Unit Circle

Author: Rebecca Lenox

Trigonometry topic. The special angles (30-45-60 reference angles) on the unit circle should be remembered, which is a little tedious.  This series of educational games helps make memorizing the angles, their reference angles, and their corresponding pi radian measurements a little more engaging.

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Some strategies for memorizing special angles on unit circle, and links to games to practice.

Match measure of special angle (degrees) with graphed measure of angle.

Match measure of angle with graphed angle - this time moving

Match measured angle with correct degree measurement of angle.

Timed! Tap on dot that corresponds to angle measurement.

Tap on dot that corresponds to angle measurement. 2 minutes to play. Game resets if you miss one.

Matching : pi radian measurement and degree measurement of special angles on unit circle

Match angle measurement with pi radian measurement. Can convert degrees by dividing by 180 and simplifying.

Matching: Reference Angle to Measure of Special Angle (color coded)

The reference angle you select needs to match the color of the measured angle/reference angle. (color coded)