Special Factoring

Special Factoring

Author: chris ludbrook

1.  Identify specific forms of quadratic equations that can be factored by special techniques.

     a.  Factor by Grouping

     b.  Factor differences of squares

     c.  Several other special cases


Factoring is a skill that is essential to your success as a math student.  The best way to get good as factoring is lots of practice.  All of this practice will help you begin to "see" the factors of quadratics with very little effort.  But, you can cut down on the amount of time you spend practicing if you learn a few basic patterns.  Remember, a few patterns are much easier to memorize than an infinite number of individual examples.

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Factor by Grouping

This method, factoring by grouping, will help you in any case that proves difficult, but it is extremely helpful when you get to bulky quadratics that have a nonprime "a" term.

Special Cases

Other Special Cases

Here are three common patterns that will help you become more efficient solvers of quadratics. Pay special attention to the difference of squares. That seems to come up repeatedly.