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Specific Learning Disability- Writing Lesson "Let's get to the INK"

Specific Learning Disability- Writing Lesson "Let's get to the INK"

Author: Yunuen Cisneros

Designed for a 10th grade student with an Auditory Processing deficit that lacks Writing skills.

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  • How can YOU develop a paragraph with a strong thesis and supporting claims with evidence?
  • What steps do you need to take?

Give it Try!! :)

Begin your writing process on a topic of your choice and use the resources below to HELP you.


Big Idea

[10WS 1.4] Develop the main ideas within the body of composition throughout supporting evidence (scenarios, commonly held beliefs, hypotheses, definitions).

[10WS 1.9] Revise writing to improve the logic and coherence of the organization and controlling perspective, the precision of word choice, and the tone by taking onto consideration the audience purpose, and formality of the context.

Goals/ Objectives

Before You Start

By the end of the 2016 school year, Sarah will be able to develop and revise a multi paragraph essay with strong theses and supporting claims with evidence

  1. The student will identify supporting claims on a given text.
  2. The student will demonstrate the claims with evidence from evidence from the text.
  3. The students will write paragraphs leading to a multi-paragraph essay

Writing a Paragraph :)

Create Your Own Paragraph ONLINE with Paragraph Punch: An Interactive Online Paragraph Writing Tutorial !!

What is text evidence?

Need Help Finding Claims and Supporting Evidence? Watch This :)

How To Write a Thesis?