4 Tutorials that teach Specific Techniques of Coping with Stress
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Specific Techniques of Coping with Stress

Specific Techniques of Coping with Stress

Author: Laura Riness

This lesson will explain the cognitive techniques for managing stress and coping statements used in reaction to fear and anxiety

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Introduction to Psychology

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  • Meditation

    A trained relaxation technique in which a person focuses on something (like breathing, body sensations, imagery, surroundings, etc.) to gain an increased awareness.

  • Guided Imagery

    A coping strategy related to meditation, where a person, instead of relaxing the mind, instead thinks of things that are positive and calming.

  • Progressive Relaxation

    A technique where a person intentionally tenses, then relaxes, specific muscles of the body in succession.

  • Stress Inoculation

    Where a person focuses on positive thoughts and feelings to reduce anxiety.

  • Negative Self-Statements

    Critical thoughts a person has that increase stress, particularly in anticipation of an event.

  • Coping Statements

    Positive, reassuring statements to stop negative self-statements.