Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration



The student will be able to differentiate between speed, velocity, and acceleration.

The student will be able to give examples and visual representations of the three types of motion.

The TLW be able to answer the following Comprehension Purpose Questions:

1. What is speed?

2. What is velocity?

3. What is acceleration?

4. How are speed, velocity, and acceleration different?

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Speed, Velocity, Acceleration

This will be a review of speed, velocity, and acceleration and the differences that relates to the power point and notes.

Motion and Speed ppt.

Use the Motion and Speed Notes to go along with the powerpoint.

Motion and Speed Notes (fill in the blank)

Motion and Speed Notes


  • _______________ is a change in position relative to another object. 
  • Motion can be measured by finding the _______________ an object moves in a given amount of _______________ which determines the _______________. 
  • Speed is measured in ______________ of _______________ or _______________ (distance) and _______________ or _______________ (time). 
  • The formula for finding speed is






  • If a _______________ is applied to a moving object, the object can _________________, _________________ or come to a _______________.
  • A force can also change the _______________ an object is moving. 
  • When a force changes the _______________ and the _______________ an object is moving we use the term _______________.
  • Velocity is _______________ with _______________. 
  • ____________________ is the term used to describe when an object _______________ its speed and /or direction. 
  • An object that is _______________ to earth is subject to a change in ____________________ of 9.8m/s2 due to _______________.