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Author: mary daunis

Illustrate the process for using the Speedgrader in Canvas for an ungraded item. Specifically, you will learn what a DIGiT and a LaBDog are. You will learn how to find and read your students' responses to open-ended questions that are not automatically graded.  

Learn By Doing and Did I Get This are called Practice Quizzes and do not show up in the grade book. In order to encourage students to reply to these questions and complete these learning activites, it is importatn thar you take the time to read and assign points to the responses. I give a few tips on that as well.

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Speedgrader and Ungraded Items

How to use speedgrader for ungraded items like Did I Get This (DIGiT)and Learn By Doing (LaBDoG).

I love my acronyms!

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