Spelling Focus/Masters

Spelling Focus/Masters

Author: Heather Whyte
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Focus on Words & Spelling Masters

You have lost your spelling page!?!? What to do?
Never fear...here is a copy of Focus on Words and Spelling Masters! Download it, complete it, and turn it in on time! (AND make Miss Whyte SO very happy!!)

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A couple reminders of often overlooked/incorrect parts of the spelling worksheet:

Focus on Words

  • Don't forget to HIGHLIGHT smaller words within your spelling words in part A. 
  • Make sure what you HIGHLIGHT is actually a word!

Spelling Masters

  • You need to use you spelling word in a sentence after you write the definition.
  • Make sure you USE the word correctly in the sentence.

AND...PLEASE write neatly!! Miss Whyte LOVES <3 neat writing!