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Spheres: Volume and Surface Area

Spheres: Volume and Surface Area

Author: Rachel Kaplan

In this packet, we will learn:
>What a sphere is
>How to find the volume of a sphere
>How to find the surface area of a sphere
>How to use surface area & volume in a variety of problems

Through a series of videos, we will discuss the meaning of a sphere, how to find its surface area and volume, and how to deal with a variety of word problems involving spheres.

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What is a Sphere?

Quick Reference

Just need a quick reminder of our formulas for surface area or volume? Take a look:


Surface Area= 4(pi)(r)2

Volume= 4/3(pi)(r)3

The Basics of Spheres & How to Find Their Volume

What a sphere is, and how to solve for their volume, using the correct equation.

Surface Area of a Sphere

The correct equation to use to solve for the surface area of a sphere, including an example.

How to Find Volume When Given Surface Area

How to find the volume of a sphere when you are given its surface area....a step-by-step example problem.

A Particularly Difficult Sphere Problem

Think you know everything about finding spheres' volumes and surface areas? Give this problem a shot. A step-by-step walkthrough on how to solve is included.