Spontaneous Realism

Spontaneous Realism

Author: Austin Boyd
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Voka - Spontaneous Realism Tutorial

Brief video tutorial about one of the great spontaneous realism artists and his process of completing a piece of art.

Source: Youtube.com

Defining Spontaneous Realism

If one has the opportunity or chance to watch the painter while he is in the act of creating his work, and see – or better, experience – the immediacy, vigor and enthusiasm with which Voka creates his paintings, then this simple expression, spontaneous realism, conveys a defining emotion.

Spontaneous realism is abstract art created from a realistic image using various color schemes, brush strokes and other additives that are not present in the original realistic image.  In other words, the image is re-created in a less detailed way using an un-natural color scheme.

Source: Wiki and Austin Boyd Interpretation

Spontaneous Realism - Francoise Nielly

Another video example of a Spontaneous Artist, Francois Neilly, discussing her art education/background and how/why she likes to create the way that she does.

Source: youtube.com