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Sports Coaching Skills

Sports Coaching Skills

Author: tony meyers


With the time that I have spent around coaches I have realized that a lot of coaches run the exact same drills over and over.  This could be that they really like these drills or that they just dont know of any other drills to do.  This packet will cover a website that offers a new look at finding drills to do and explains how to do them by showing videos.  This is unlike any website that I have found before where it shows the animation of the drills.  Drills are the building blocks to a successful team getting them in shape and also working on techniques.




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To show coaaches:

1. Different drills that can be done

2. How to do those drills

3. The importance of these drills



This section gives you different drills to work on agilities and footwork.


Specific Sport Drills

This gives you a description of a sports specific drill and the directions to run it. This drill is set up for soccer to keep them moving and working on footwork.

Basketball specific drills

This Drill is set up to work on dribbling with speed to catch the other team before they catch you.