Spotlight on Camille Seaman - Photographer

Spotlight on Camille Seaman - Photographer

Author: Kialo Winters
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Camille Seaman

A Native American photographer whose work captures the harsh beauty of remote Arctic landscapes
Job Titles: photographer, explorer, storm chaser,

Camille Seaman was born in 1969 to a Native American (Shinnecock tribe) father and African American mother. She graduated in 1992 from the State University of New York at Purchase, where she studied photography with Jan Groover and has since taken master workshops with Steve McCurry, Sebastiao Salgado, and Paul Fusco. 
Her photographs have been published in National Geographic Magazine, Italian Geo, The New York TimesSunday magazine, Newsweek, Outside, Zeit Wissen, Mens Journal, Camera Arts, Issues, PDN, and American Photo among many others, She frequently leads photographic and self-publishing workshops. Her photographs have received many awards including: a National Geographic Award, 2006; and the Critical Mass Top Monograph 
Award, 2007. 
She is a TED Senior Fellow (2013) as well as a Stanford Knight Fellow 2013-14.

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