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St. James High School (75)

St. James High School (75)

Author: Beth Barsness

Coordinated by Nancy Pinke

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Planning Ideas

  • We had two speakers from Minnesota State University - Mankato, a speaker from SCC, a speaker from MN West, two speakers from Educational Talent Search, and 3 speakers from our community.  
  • I ordered the "Within My Reach" publication from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education for each of our 6th and 7th Graders to keep. 
  • Our staff completed the My Life Plan Activity and posted them outside their classrooms.  The students participated in a Scavenger Hunt to learn more about their teachers and to get them talking about college.
  • Staff wore college clothing from their alma maters.......and a few brought pictures from their college years.
  • I asked the colleges that come to our school to visit to bring trinkets to be given away for door prizes.  We had everything from key chains, pencils, t-shirts, pennants, bags and jackets!  
  • When the students signed in to work in the computer lab, they signed up for door prizes at that time.  Everything was given away at the end of the week.
  • I made posters that included our School Information (address, phone, etc), as well as our Guidance Counselor's contact information.
  • I keep track through the whole school year where students apply, then they come and let me know when they get accepted....and the final column is filled in when they make their final decision as to where they are going to go.
  • I had a table full of handouts for the students, such as college comparison worksheets, tips on writing essays, financial aid comparison worksheets, choosing the right college, admission policies, etc. These were all from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education as well.
  • We were very pleased to have 57 students apply to 145 schools during the week.

Scavenger Hunt


Letter for Parents



The Video Productions Class at our High School made a video of seniors that applied to colleges.  The video will be shown to our elementary students when they talk about their future plans!  The goal is to create a college-going culture throughout our whole school.


Sample Agenda (week)

The first attachment is the agenda for the week. Hopefully you can see all the pages, click on the bottom to switch days. Every student in our school, Grades 6 - 12 was able to hear a motivational message from one of our volunteers.


Photo - Information for Students

Photo - Career Center

Press Release and Newspaper Coverage