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Stages of Stress and Psychoimmunology

Stages of Stress and Psychoimmunology

Author: Laura Riness

This lesson will examine how the body reacts to stress through the three stages of the general adaptation syndrome; stage of alarm, stage of resistance, and stage of exhaustion. This lesson will define stressors, explain burnout, explore psychoimmunology.

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  • Stressor

    Something or some event that causes stress and disrupts a person’s environment

  • Stress Reaction

    How body reacts to stress.

  • General Adaptation Syndrome

    The pattern of stages that a body goes through when it is stressed for longer periods of time.

  • Alarm Stage

    The stage where the body initially reacts to a stressor in the short-term and has an excitatory, fight or flight, reaction.

  • Resistance Stage

    The stage where over time, the excitatory reaction lowers and the body begins to adapt to the stress and to reach a normal-looking state.

  • Exhaustion Stage

    The stage when the body’s resources are depleted and it is worn out from constantly responding to the stress.

  • Psychoneuroimmunology

    The study of how stress can affect immune system and make people more susceptible to illness.

  • Burnout

    Physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion as a result of a person's job.