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Standards Based Grading

Standards Based Grading


In this lesson you will understand the similarities and differences between standards based and competency based instruction and the implications for assessment and grading.

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Standards-Based Digital Instruction

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Notes on "Standards Based Grading"

(00:00-00:35) Intro

(00:36-00:47) Objectives

(00:48-01:48) What is Standards Based Grading?

(01:49-03:21) Differences from Traditional Education

(03:22-06:38) Guskey & Hattie

(05:39-06:48) Review

(06:49-07:50) Reflection

Additional Resources

A Better Grading System: Standards-Based, Student-Centered Assessment

This article from the National Council of Teachers of English by Jeanetta Jones Miller includes practical strategies and examples of standards based grading and tracking mechanisms for teachers to use in their ELA classrooms.


Standards-Based Grading Information (resource list)

This blog by Jason Buell offers extensive resources and advice on implementing standards based grading practices. Click on the link of the topic that you are interested in exploring relative to standards based grading. If you are interested in having students track their own performance, scroll down for a ready-made template that you can personalized based upon your learners.