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2 Tutorials that teach Standards Based Grading Practices
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Standards Based Grading Practices

Standards Based Grading Practices


In this lesson you will understand the similarities and differences between standards based and competency based instruction and the implications for assessment and grading.

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Standards Based Grading

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Notes on "Standards Based Grading"

(00:00-01:00) Intro

(01:01-01:12) Objectives

(01:13-03:25) Guskey & Hattie

(03:26-07:23) Good & Bad Practices

(07:24-07:55) Review

(07:56-08:30) Reflection

Additional Resources

Standards Based Learning Teacher Handbook

This comprehensive handbook from Sheridan, Kentucky instructs teachers on how and why to use standards based grading. Instructions for the development of proficiency scales and rubrics are included in this document. In addition, there are templates for ease of teacher use.

Flipping Your Classroom to Meet the Common Core and other Standards

This post by Julie Schnell's post from Turn to Your Neighbor Blog is from a teacher's perspective on how to use standards based instruction and evaluation in a flipped classroom. The article presents practical strategies from a teacher in the field