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Star of the Sea - Children's Christmas Choir 2016

Star of the Sea - Children's Christmas Choir 2016

Author: Joyce Bott
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Children's Christmas Choir 2016 - Song Selection

This year we will be performing 2 pieces:

1. A Song to the Child (in 2 parts)
2. A La Ru, A La Me (A traditional Spanish Carol in 2 parts)

On performance day (Saturday, December 24) please arrive at least 30 minutes early to pick up your flickering candle light (4:30 pm at the latest).  If you have a Christmas outfit picked out, that is fine, otherwise you can wear a white top and black bottom.

A Song to the Child - Lyric Video (including both vocals)...sorry for my poor recording job!

A Song to the Child - Printable Lyrics


A La Ru, A La Me - Lyric Video (including both vocals)

A La Ru, A La Me - printable lyrics


Permission Form and Practice Schedule