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Start the Video

Start the Video

Author: Alice Bedard-Voorhees

After Viewing ​Start the Video, ​educators will be able to do the following:

1) identify sources of video that have value for their courses, 

2) use bookmarking to save and share resources with colleagues, and

3) name strategies for involving students in video identification and creation.

Identifying quality video sources for use in courses takes time and effort. This presentation

provides examples of some large sites with good potential video, highlights how the use of social bookmarking and tagging can be used to shortcut and share return to the sources, and name ways students cant be involved in identifying video of value for courses too.

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This slideshow highlights three topics: Sites containing substantial video sources for use in classes, using social bookmarking to save and share those treasures, and ways to involve students in video for class.

Start the Video: Your Notes

You may want to jot down a few notes for your own purposes while viewing this slideshow.