STAT 200 Final Examination

STAT 200 Final Examination

Author: sereena bush

STAT 200 Final Examination

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STAT 200 Final Examination

True or False. Justify for full credit.






The standard deviation of a data set cannot be negative.

If P(A) = 0.4 , P(B) = 0.5, and A and B are disjoint, then P(A AND B) = 0.2.

The mean is always equal to the median for a normal distribution.

A 95% confidence interval is wider than a 98% confidence interval of the same parameter.

In a two-tailed test, the value of the test statistic is 1.5. If we know the test statistic follows

a Student’s t-distribution with P(T < 1.5) = 0.98, then we fail to reject the null hypothesis

at 0.05 level of significance .


Identify which of these types of sampling is used: cluster, convenience, simple random,

systematic, or stratified. Justify for full credit.


A STAT 200 professor wants to estimate the study hours of his students. He teaches two

sections, and plans on randomly selecting 10 students from the fir

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