STAT 200 Week 4 Homework Assignment

STAT 200 Week 4 Homework Assignment

Author: gegozia adam

STAT 200 Week 4 Homework Assignment

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STAT 200 Week 4 Homework Assignment

Assume the speed of vehicles along a stretch of I-10 has an approximately normal distribution with a mean of 71 mph and a standard deviation of 8 mph.

1.     The current speed limit is 65 mph. What is the proportion of vehicles less than or equal to the speed limit?

2.     What proportion of the vehicles would be going less than 50 mph?

3.     A new speed limit will be initiated such that approximately 10% of vehicles will be over the speed limit. What is the new speed limit based on this criterion?

4.     In what way do you think the actual distribution of speeds differs from a normal distribution?

A group of students at a school takes a history test. The distribution is normal with a mean of 25, and a standard deviation of 4. (a) Everyone who scores in the top 30% of the distribution gets a certificate. What is the lowest score someone can get and still earn a certificate? (b) The top 5% of the scores get to compete in a statewide history contest. What is the lowest score someone can

get and still go onto compete with the rest of the state?

Use the normal distribution to approximate the binomial distribution and find the probability of getting 15 to 18 heads out of 25 flips. Compare this to what you get when you calculate the probability using the binomial distribution.  Write your answers out to four decimal places.

6.1 The Standard Normal Distribution

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