Statistics overview

Statistics overview


This lesson will provide a definition and overview of statistics

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Introduction to Statistics

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Statistics Overview

Notes on Statistical Overview


(0:00-0:37) What is statistics?

(0:37-0:51) Statistical Studies

(0:51-0:59) Statistical Analysis

(0:59-1:51) Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

(1:51-2:55) Example

  • Statistics

    The study of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting information

  • Statistical study

    A way to collect information from individuals

  • Statistical analysis

    All the ways of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data

  • Descriptive statistics

    Using only the information at hand to describe the selected group of individuals

  • Inferential statistics

    Using the information at hand to make a larger, more general statement about the entire population of individuals