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Staying Motivated in College

Staying Motivated in College

Author: John Brockberg

Maintaining focus is key to success in college.  Here are some tips that will help your mind stay up when your energy is down.


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Staying Motivated in College

How to Stay Super Motivated When Studying

Developing Discipline to Do Well

Maintaining Your Focus – 1 

Think about the huge cost of going to college. For many, a college investment is the second highest investment you will ever make, second only to a home purchase. You would think that with that much ... read more »

Maintaining Your Focus – 2

One common source of problems for maintaining focus is having distractions from some other activity. Typically these activities include a job, a too-active social life, athletics, or campus organizations. In ... read more »

Maintaining Your Focus – 3

 The image of college is that it’s the best time of your life. While that’s true in many cases, many students face personal challenges that a young person should never have to face. These include ... read more »

Maintaining Your Focus – 4

There are some people whose lack of focus is created by a psychiatric condition such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit – Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). By college, most students ... read more »

Maintaining Your Focus – 5

There are some students who have a problem with focus because they just don’t like their courses. They think the courses are too hard, or they think they are in the wrong major. As a result, students ... read more »

Planning Your Day – 1

The independence in college is great until you discover that the nagging your parents provided really did have some value. Now that you are on your own, you need to be your own nag. One way to do this ... read more »

Planning Your Day – 2

Once you begin your career, your job will require that you record what you worked on throughout the day. Each of the things you worked on will have a cost code. That’s the way the company keeps track ... read more »

Developing a Pre-Sleep Ritual

 It's a good idea to develop a good pre-sleep ritual to do at night. It's a good idea to check that you have all of your keys, IDs, cellphone and other valuable items you usually carry with you to class ... read more »

Developing Assignment Discipline

In high school, you were often given time in class to do your assignments. Even if you didn’t get an assignment done, the consequences weren’t that great. In college, you will rarely have the opportunity ... read more »

Using the One Up Rule to Develop Discipline

One of the challenges that college students face is developing the discipline to go to class. Every college student has heard people tell them why it’s so important to go to class, but students often ... read more »


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