Stem and Leaf Plots

Stem and Leaf Plots

Author: Hanna Houston
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February 25, 2014

Today you will be completing your daily lesson/assignment via Sophia. Follow the steps in order. Watch the videos. Make sure to stay on the appropriate websites so that you do not receive any consequences.

You will be turning in the Stem and Leaf Plot Practice as well as the Line Plots. Your MLB Sorter will go in your Unit 9 Pocket.

Step 1 - National League Wins 2006 and MLB Sorter

The National League Wins 2006 lists 16 major league baseball teams and the number of wins they had in 2006. Organize the data on your handout MLB Sorter by recording the number of wins in the corresponding baseball. You will want the numbers to be in order from least to greatest. Make sure you do not leave out any numbers. What strategy can you use? (Hint: cross them off as you go from least to greatest)

Step 2 - MLB Sorter into MLB Chart

Click on the video to learn how to insert the data from your MLB Sorter into the MLB Chart Paper. When the video says pause, hit pause and then do the work. Once you have finished that piece of the assignment, you may press play to continue.

Step 3 - Stem and Leaf Plot

Now that you have learned the steps for completing a Stem and Leaf Plot, complete the 4 problems on Stem and Leaf Practice. I am expecting to see all of your work as well as your plot in the white space under the problem. When you have finished the 4 problems, turn in your paper to the appropriate color box for your class. Make sure your name is on your paper!!!!

Step 4 - Line Plots

Watch the video to get started on your Line Plots worksheet. When you finish you will turn it in to the appropriate color box. Make sure your name is on it!!!