Step #12: Time To Do - Do You Know About DNC?

Step #12: Time To Do - Do You Know About DNC?

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​Steps to DNC

1. Close the lead/opportunity as DNC by moving the status to Remarketing - Parent Reason Student Requested No Further Contact - Parent Sub Reason Do Not Call, Do Not Email or Email 

2. Search for the lead -The Do Not Call checkbox under the Inquiry or Opportunity Detail section should be checked - There should be no phone number listed in the Contact Information section

Steps to un-DNC an Inquiry (Active or in Remarketing – DNC status) - NA to ORS 

1. AA must enter the appropriate notes for the DNC Reinstatement Policy in the “DNC Removal Information” section > DNC Removal notes 

2. AA will click on “Remove from DNC” button which automatically triggers a request to CCS to either remove the DNC’d number(s) from DNC or the entire file or both NOTE: The “Remove from DNC” button is only activated after information in the DNC Removal Information” section’s DNC Removal note’s field has been saved.

3. Ask a Tessie to process the request once completed

4. Once processed, AA will get a notification from CCS that the request has been completed 

5. AA will look for the Inquiry; AA will be able to see: -Previously DNC’d phone number(s) is/are back on the file - The DNC checkbox is unchecked - EWC has been updated from No to Yes -AA is now able to use the reinstated phone number(s).