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Step #15: READ - Need to Know: Status Related List

Step #15: READ - Need to Know: Status Related List

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Status Fields

Fields in this section:

 Inquiry Status
To update the status, double click on this field, select from the following drop down list, and click on the “Save” button or press “Control S” key board command.

Contact Attempted


Interview Complete

Salesforce will not allow Admissions Advisor to update the status to Interview Completed without the following information:

Primary Phone Number

Permanent Address

Program of Study

Start Date

Future Interest
Future Interest Date – Required field if Future Interest Date status is selected

Date selected in this field cannot be more than 90 days

Remarketing - student not interested at this time. Select the appropriate remarketing reasons
Opportunity Initiated - triggered one of two ways:Student updates portal information in Student Enrollment Portal
User converts to Opportunity using the "Convert" command buttonNote: not all users have access to the Convert button

NOTE: Admissions Advisors will not be able to move the status back in the progression with the exception of Future Interest and Remarketing.
Future Interest allows Admissions Advisors to move the status back to the previous status. Remarketing allows the Admissions Advisors to move the status back to any previous status.

 Inquiry Record Type
The only applicable Inquiry Record type for the Military Admissions team is the Military Student Enrollment

This is system generated and cannot be updated by the Admissions Advisor

 Days in Current Status
Displays the days in current status.